Zhao Yinou is a Chinese painter who also produces works on paper and wood carvings. Some of her works can be compared to that of the pre-raphaelites: evanescent figures emerge from a halo of light to walk towards an invisible goal or to partake in some esoteric ritual. At other times, her subjects are much more sombre, as she depicts cannibalistic scenes or figures with mental illness walking through asylums.


Her wood carvings are also difficult to categorize. They often include mythical figures or monsters shown in unlikely poses seemingly pouring out of the frame. Delineated in vigorous strokes, she uses primary colors to make them more arresting to the viewer.


Zhao Yinou’s work has been the object of several presentations, including at Enjoy Art Museum Beijing, Zhuzhong Art Museum Beijing and at the Guangdong Museum of Fine Arts. A solo show of her wood carvings was held at Space Station Beijing in 2019.