Manuel mathieu | Wu Ji Curator: Huang Du: Beijing

22 March - 27 April 2019

Manuel Mathieu is a young artist who is working at the crossroads of abstraction and figuration. His works not only contain the passion of Haitian folk art, but also permeate the language tension of Baconian painting. This kind of cultural interweaving reflects the artist’s transnational experience and characterizes his distinct visual language. Although artists create seemingly distorted visual and thrilling form in an abstract or figurative way they are also able to stimulate the audience's curiosity, allowing them to experience existence, changes, association, life and death. The artist allows the audience to meditate on the artistic imagination across cultural boundaries and also to experience and express the fascination of humanity. — Huang Du


This March HdM GALLERY Beijing is pleased to present ‘Wu Ji’, a solo exhibition by Haitian painter Manuel Mathieu and curated by Huang Du. Announcing his arrival to the HdM stable of artists, this will be Manuel Mathieu’s first collaboration with the gallery. Following breakthrough shows in London, Paris and Chicago, the exhibition will be a unique opportunity to see his work in China. ‘Wu Ji’ will open on March 22nd and will be on display until April 27th 2019.