Two Ink Artists From China: T'ang Haywen and Hao Shiming: Coordinator: Nika Webster ,London

16 - 30 September 2021

‘Two Ink Artist’s from China‘ showcases two examples of two Chinese Ink artists who are both influenced by their globalised experiences. In T’ang Haywen’s work the gestural and free brush movements, deriving from the Taoist influences in Chinese Ink Art, are perfectly matched to the expressive nature of Western Abstract Expressionism. T’ang Haywen belongs to the group of Chinese painters who settled in Paris after World War II. Influenced by impressionists such as Cézanne and Turner as well as ideals of Taoism and works by Qing dynasty monk and painter, Shitao, T’ang Haywen creates works which are a blend of his East and West surroundings. This combination of East and West is also seen in Hao Shiming’s abstract forms. In his recent works he deconstructs Chinese characters to create Western style abstract paintings. With this stylistic blend of East and West he creates new forms of contemporary art which transcend geographical boundaries. By deconstructing the characters, he is unravelling the complex layers of Chinese traditional art, with a goal to rebuild and create new meanings more suited to our modern global world.