Fabien Mérelle’s artistic practice is primarily centred on drawing using ink and pencil. Fabien Mérelle’s drawings are meticulous, teeming with details and realistic. Most of them show the artist himself, wearing a striped trousers and a vest, battling with a hostile environment or facing dangerous animals. Another theme pervading his work is that of motherhood, and indeed Mérelle has often depicted his wife and their children in his drawings. Fabien Mérelle thus depicts human condition as a whole, with both its hardships and its challenges.


For almost 10 years now, Mérelle’s practice has also grown to include sculpture and wood carvings. His sculpted works are often directly derived from his drawings, and are indeed considered by the artist as a continuation and an expansion of his works on paper. Until now, he has used a variety of materials such as silicon, cloth or bronze to produce those three-dimensional works.


Fabien Mérelle has already a rich biography. Institutional presentations include Kunsthalle Tubingen, Mussee de l’Abbaye Sainte-Croix, The Mesdag Collection and the Drawing Center New York. Besides, he has collaborated with Edouard Malingue Gallery, Galerie Praz-Delavallade and Keteleer Gallery in Antwerp.